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Tailored marketing solutions that leverage your difference for maximum revenue return

Deep See Marketing is a strategic marketing agency that thrives on pinpointing business pain points and delivering creative solutions for increased revenue results.  We are a small team of senior strategic marketers with a history of success. And finding your unique point of differentiation is where we excel.

Let's face it, the current economic climate isn't great. And while many of us instinctively bunker down and hope for the best, it's times like these where your uniqueness can shine and your value be realised.

Over many years we have become fixers, the team businesses call when they need problems solved quickly. And it's because of our commitment to success and love of the challenge that we're good at it.


How do we Deliver?

Your Gaps 

The Path Forward


Great Outcomes

What we offer our clients

We offer a holistic, transparent view of your marketing needs. We are agnostic, not linked to any one business, consultant or specialist. But with a vast network of specialists who have a successful track record. 

While we specialise in strategy, data and media, our tentacles spread wide and far from brand positioning and photography to content creation and producers for social media and websites, website builds, lead generation, programmatic media, social media buys and Google Display and Adwords.

We're also certified Google Analytics specialists who understand data analysis.


Growing up in small business, we know the dedication needed to make business a success.
Our experience spans time and industries enabling us to pinpoint areas in need of change to provide clear strategic direction. And we see it through with you with quarterly strategic reviews.

Experience also means we shine at understanding our strengths and what we can bring to your business including a wealth of independent specialists.


As entrepreneurial marketers we believe all solid strategy comes from understanding both your business and the market conditions. But it's more than that - it's knowing where to look for your key point of difference. Something we can leverage for success.

All our recommendations are based on first getting to know you, your competition and the market to then provide insights we can leverage for growth. We love the challenge of idea creation and we engage you and your team at every stage.


Having a plan is great. But having ongoing guidance to stay on point is key to success. It keeps you accountable and motivated to achieve.

Not only do we stay with you as part of your extended team while going through change, but we also bring external experts in to complement our services and project manage their involvement to ensure you get the best results.

Leveraging our Strengths

We are entrepreneurial marketers, born from small business who have experienced life in large Corporates, but haven't forgotten our history. We don't just understand the stresses and challenges of scaling a business for success, we live it day to day.

We are driven to deliver success for business by leveraging our strengths and having the best network of specialists Australia has to offer. Our extensive experience in media also gives us fantastic insight into options available for our clients.

The outcome for our clients:

1. Delivery of profit through differentiation rather than price

2. Secured success through a logical strategic plan

"Having worked with Cath on two separate projects in different industries, I’ve experienced first-hand her practical approach to getting to the heart of an issue quickly, analysing it, and recommending a course of action in line with time and budget considerations.  In both instances, Cath’s analysis allowed us to test theorems in bite-sized chunks, make well-informed decisions, and respond quickly to market opportunities.
Cath is outcomes driven, makes the complex 'tackleable', and is a delight to work with."

Cathy Taylor Marketing Brand & Communications Strategist

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