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Experience underpins excellence

We spend so much time at work, we believe it needs to be an extension of our life. Something we love, feel inspired to do daily and can get the most out of. And if it involves skiing sometimes then that's great too.


A bit about our Founder Cath Irvine

A lover of life and possibly the first to put my hand up and give things a try, I've been lucky to have had a diverse career supported by amazing mentors.

I'm a marketing specialist, but I'm gifted at pinpointing client's pain points and delivering the right solutions to meet revenue goals. I'm passionate about it and commit myself 100% to every project.

What I believe most in, is providing the best possible team to meet my client's goals. Over the years I have surrounded myself with a highly experienced network of specialists I call on dependent on client requirements. This ensures, we deliver the best possible result.

I am fiercely independent and do not receive any commissions for the people I recommend.

Honesty, integrity, commitment and transparency are key to any successful business relationship. Years ago I was taught the value of 'No Surprises'. It's now ingrained in my DNA and is the backbone of Deep See Marketing work.

Marketing isn't about describing your product in under 30 characters. It's about creating the perfect storm - synergy across business systems, data analysis, product, pricing and of course media and comms.

But so many elements are important these days it's vital everything is in sync so you don't miss a beat.

We thrive on the challenge of creative thought to differentiate your business in a cluttered market. And we're committed to successful completion of all projects.

Our processes start with a deep discovery getting to know you, your competitors and your current state of play. 

We then strategise and create your plan, meeting with you each week.

Introductions to the right team to help deliver your goals, project management of the teams and quarterly reviews are all part of keeping you on track to meet your goals.

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What makes us different?

We are third generation successful SME business owners with an entrepreneurial flair who have been lucky to have been mentored by the best while also experiencing marketing roles in major corporates and multi-nationals.

The power of Deep See Marketing is our ability to identify areas within your business that need change and can deliver the most significant revenue upsides. We are experienced and excel at finding your unique, and leveraging it for success.

We also understand the value of having the best and most knowledgeable people on a client’s team. We pride ourselves on having access to the very best of the best in Australia.

We are fiercely independent and pride ourselves on making absolutely no commissions from the companies we recommend to you. Our pricing reflects our contribution to you achieving your goals and we thrive on strong, positive referrals.

"Cath assisted our organisation with navigating a complex CRM and website project. She was fantastic at understanding our business needs, including the marketing and timing aspects, translating this into the technical requirements we needed, and liaising with the technical consultants on the job. Was great to have her assistance and involvement throughout this project!"

Joanna Mansfield, CEO Worldshare

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