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Learn more about us at a glance

For new and potential clients there's always a range of questions you'd love to ask, but either forgot or couldn't remember. Here's a list of our more frequent questions

The power of Deep See Marketing is our ability to identify areas within your business that need change and can deliver the most significant revenue upsides. We then bring in the best possible team to makes these changes and project manage the experience.

While we have a solid knowledge across all touch points, we understand the value of having the best and most knowledgeable on a client’s team. We pride ourselves on accessing the very best of the best in Australia.

Absolutely not. We are fiercely independent and pride ourselves on making absolutely no commissions from the companies we recommend you to. Our pricing reflects our contribution to you achieving your goals and we thrive on strong, positive referrals.

We have a range of scaled offers that are structured across a planned period of 12 months, but our most popular fee structure is designed for medium business and is below.

Prior to identifying opportunities and making recommendations we adhere to a strict Discovery period. This Discovery period is designed for us to deeply understand your business, your people, current structure and the competitor landscape. It is a phase that takes three weeks and is performed both face to face and via online research. The cost for this phase is $15,000.

At the end of the discovery phase we present a 12-month plan for change where we project manage all third parties we introduce to your business. This includes a weekly hourly meeting with me. We also offer 4 quarterly workshops to ensure you are on-track to meet your goals and ensure market trends haven’t changed our need for focus. This phase is $45,000 and is charged in 12 equal monthly instalments.

Deep See are entrepreneurial and proud of it. What we are really gifted at is creating ideas that not only differentiate your business, but that truly work. We bring the right team together to make it all happen. But we also bring you the best Australia has to offer in any and all areas of business in a no-nonsense transparent, realistic approach that deliver real results.

For many of our clients, results occur as soon as the first project is complete. Initially the changes are seen within the business, but it doesn’t take long for you to see tangible results that deliver significant revenue upside.

As the head of Deep See Marketing, I am committed to the delivery of your successful program. I manage the Discovery, idea creation and all face to face initial meetings. I am also your contact for our week to week catch-up and the quarterly workshops to help you stay on track.

We work only with clients we believe we can deliver top results. That means we limit the total number of companies we work with in this manner. By limiting the number of companies, I can guarantee the hours allocated to me personally are honoured.

If we take on a job, we’re 100% on your team to deliver success.

We have a long history in marketing and are proud of a heritage that has earned $millions of dollars for businesses we have worked with and for. Our long relationship with clients also speaks to our successes.

I started my career in retail with Myer, working as a cadet across all facets of retail business from buying, to stock control, advertising and floor management. I attended university during this period then moved into advertising with Freedom Furniture, launching stores and working closely with the advertising agency.

Since this time, I have been exceptionally lucky to be mentored by some of the best in direct marketing, advertising and entrepreneurial product development in companies such as Matchbox Toys, Ogilvy and Mather finding my way eventually into Telco with Optus and a heavy involvement in digital.

As a challenger brand, Optus housed the best of the best and I had the pleasure of not only conceptualising and launching world first initiatives, but also working on major international projects with Singtel. Since this time, I have worked with George Patterson Y&R on Telstra and advising on digital across their client roster as well as many direct clients and smaller agencies.  I have been blessed to have had a varied and deep marketing history which has created a robust and highly experienced network of specialists.