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Brand Building: Presenting Your Brand to Consumers

Did you know that when it comes to the relative impact of communication, spoken words account for just 7 per cent, tone of voice accounts for 38 per cent, while your image and body language account for a whopping 55 per cent?!

In this article, we analyse a few examples from industry leaders and unpack the power of brand imagery, brand personality and tone of voice.

Defining What is Unique in Your Brand

Do you wonder what’s hindering your sales, even though you tell everyone your business is innovative and unlike anything else in the market? It’s because we’ve heard it all before. Consumer choice has never been greater in today’s globalised society, and for modern businesses the competition is fierce on the global stage.

Establishing Your Brand’s Purpose

What made you get out of bed and go to work this morning? It’s easy to simply say you need money to support your family and future, indeed we all have those needs, but why did you choose your particular method of income? That answer is quite personal, and completely individual to you based on your personality, sense of purpose and background story. Similarly, smart businesses and brands have a personality, purpose and story that inspires motivation and in turn generates revenue. How?

The Power in Brand Building

Every day as consumers we acknowledge consistent branding across websites, in stores, on packaging and advertisements for the products and services we love, but have you ever wondered why? If you are a business owner, you may have noticed that experienced marketers and media specialists get rather excited about branding, and with good reason. Branding is a core pillar of any business, being a powerful mechanism in generating revenue online and beyond.

Masterful Marketing Step 3

Create sales messaging that resonates with your target audience, that solves a problem for them, messaging that sets your business apart from other offerings in the market. Perhaps the most underestimated factor in marketing planning, this article will unpack how strategic sales messaging can greatly increase the conversion rate, and consequently the Return-On-Investment (ROI) of your campaign.

Masterful Marketing Step 2 – There’s Creativity in Content

In our Masterful Marketing blog series, we are delving into each stage of crafting and implementing a multi-channel marketing campaign that achieves your goals, and delivers revenue for your business. Following on from last week’s article Step 1 – Develop the Plan, we now explore the importance of creativity in your content. 

Masterful Marketing Step 1 – Develop the Plan

In this series of articles, we are taking a deep dive into each step involved in strategically planning and executing a masterful marketing plan, one that generates powerful results with your target market and maximises return-on-investment (ROI).

The 6 Steps to Masterful Marketing

We all consume some form of media, such as Facebook, and understand how it operates. So how hard can it be to run your own marketing campaign? You quickly plug in your budget and ad, chuckle to yourself at how easy that was, and get back to running your own business. A week later you check the campaign, and your jaw drops when you discover that your money has completely run out already, and you have not received even one sales lead! Oh dear.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? We hear you.

Understanding Attribution

One of the most exciting aspects of digital marketing compared to other media such as print media, is the unique reporting, tracking and Return on Investment (ROI) accountability it offers. Not only does digital marketing provide opportunities to analyse campaign performance data at a micro level, but it offers this unmatched scale of information in real-time.

The value of GOOD content

Today’s ‘scrolling generation’ are busy people. We like to multi-task, and have more advertising and content vying for a brief snippet of our attention than ever before. The options are now so vast and so instant, that if your content is considered boring or poorly written even if for a brief moment, it is all too easy to simply click away. So how do you fare against the ocean of content available? And where does the value in ‘good’ content lie?