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The value of GOOD content

Today’s ‘scrolling generation’ are busy people. We like to multi-task, and have more advertising and content vying for a brief snippet of our attention than ever before. The options are now so vast and so instant, that if your content is considered boring or poorly written even if for a brief moment, it is all too easy to simply click away. So how do you fare against the ocean of content available? And where does the value in ‘good’ content lie?

Is colour use still important in marketing?

In nature, both flora and fauna use colour to sustain life - flowers to attract bees, peacocks use it for mating and camelions use it for camouflage. And certainly, we use colour every day, either to express our emotions or to stand out. But does it really have that much impact in our business lives?

The pitfalls of direct media buys

Advertising your company or product in print media, radio, cinema, Outdoor/Out-Of-Home (OOH), TV media or across a digital network can be an exciting time. You know your budget, your ad looks fantastic, the copy is creative and on-brand, you’ve incorporated a call-to-action strategy and you know exactly when you want it to go live. Now all you need to do is call up and book with one of the big media companies, grab some popcorn and watch your sales jump sky high, right?

There are a few things you might want to consider first.

Is marketing dead in 2019

Digital has undoubtably changed the way we consume media, but it has not changed the fundamentals of marketing; the need to relate our sales messages to ours and our clients core values. It has not changed the unique selling propositions or our brand differentiation. It is also not the only channel available to us for communication.

Is it that the pressure from media to deliver short and sweet messages  that has made us lazy? Is it that marketers are now focusing on digital so much, they're forgotten the art of real communication and strategic differentiation to meet market needs? Or is it that the fundamentals of marketing really are dead in 2019?  The latter I simply don't accept but it may well be being overlooked.