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The Power in Brand Building

Every day as consumers we acknowledge consistent branding across websites, in stores, on packaging and advertisements for the products and services we love, but have you ever wondered why? If you are a business owner, you may have noticed that experienced marketers and media specialists get rather excited about branding, and with good reason. Branding is a core pillar of any business, being a powerful mechanism in generating revenue online and beyond.

The 6 Steps to Masterful Marketing

We all consume some form of media, such as Facebook, and understand how it operates. So how hard can it be to run your own marketing campaign? You quickly plug in your budget and ad, chuckle to yourself at how easy that was, and get back to running your own business. A week later you check the campaign, and your jaw drops when you discover that your money has completely run out already, and you have not received even one sales lead! Oh dear.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? We hear you.

The value of GOOD content

Today’s ‘scrolling generation’ are busy people. We like to multi-task, and have more advertising and content vying for a brief snippet of our attention than ever before. The options are now so vast and so instant, that if your content is considered boring or poorly written even if for a brief moment, it is all too easy to simply click away. So how do you fare against the ocean of content available? And where does the value in ‘good’ content lie?