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The value of GOOD content

Today’s ‘scrolling generation’ are busy people. We like to multi-task, and have more advertising and content vying for a brief snippet of our attention than ever before. The options are now so vast and so instant, that if your content is considered boring or poorly written even if for a brief moment, it is all too easy to simply click away. So how do you fare against the ocean of content available? And where does the value in ‘good’ content lie?

It Establishes your Brand as the Authority in your Industry

Even if you are a start-up business, the power of good content means you can come across as an industry thought-leader from day one. Perhaps you are a game-changer, a rule-breaker, or the future of your industry - an opportunity to demonstrate this is through the content you publish. You can also use good quality content to shape your brand positioning, brand personality and tone of voice – are you innovative? Or built on a legacy of integrity and trust? The stage is yours, find a marketing agency that can craft your content with the same understanding and consideration that you apply to your business.

Good Content is Vital on Social Media Channels

Good content doesn’t just work in your blog, but is vital on social media channels in order to gain strong click-through rates and positive user engagement. Good content is topical. What has been in the news recently that is relevant to your business? What is everyone talking about lately? What is trending? What is your target market interested in? What is your unique approach on the subject? These are the questions a marketing specialist will consider in order to capture curiosity and write on a topic that people want to know about, and know about now. Intriguing headlines not only increase the click-through rate wherever you have posted the article, but will also boost engagement on your social media channels as well as increase the dwell time on your webpage. Sharable content also means reaching new audiences at no expense to your business, and is a form of endorsement in a sense, as someone is posting your content with their image next to it.

More Beneficial than just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation is injecting your website with as much content and relevant keywords as possible in an effort to appear in the top few results of Google, considered by many as the holy grail of online business. Unfortunately, the quest for this holy grail has led to an internet littered with blog articles that are keyword dense, but sparse in information or entertainment value. Remember that Google bots are actively designed to deliver users what they are searching for, so will quickly see through your attempts to manipulate the algorithm. Alternatively, strategic writing with cleverly intertwined call-to-actions throughout your content can entice subscriptions and data capture for future marketing campaigns. These are real people reading your articles and watching your videos, an effective marketing strategist will shape your content accordingly.

Content must be well-written and free from spelling or grammatical errors. This is basic business 101. Your website is your online shopfront, and can be the first impression you make for potential new customers. If you wouldn’t be happy seeing errors typed on a product or in an email, why allow it on your website? Many of the cheapest copywriting services use writers from overseas, so it means you are at risk of paying for content that is unreadable, riddled with errors, and can make your business appear dodgy.

A Cost-Effective Way to Keep Consumers Coming Back for More.

Good content can be utilised as a subtle way to remind your target market of your product or service. Content in itself is valuable, it is your expertise and insight. It can be offered as a strong tool for email marketing open rates and data acquisition, as an alternative to offering customers yet another promo code or limited time offer. If you publish good content and gain a reputation as the thought leader in your industry, you establish trust with potential new customers as you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about, and can deliver the quality you claim. It can help audiences to understand what sets you apart and what unique value your business offers, especially if you are more expensive than your competition.

In Summary

Good content is well-written, relatable, informative and valuable. It is vital for effective social media management in order to spark interaction and shareability with your followers. Beyond this, the return on investment also stretches across SEO, brand positioning, email marketing and conversion opportunities.

Do you consider this article to be a good one? If you want to know more about the value of good content, speak with a marketing specialist who can tailor the right approach for your business.

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Deep See Marketing

Cathryn Irvine is a marketing specialist and the founder of Deep See Marketing. With experience ranging from Telco to retail and digital to direct marketing, Cath's creative foundation has delivered significant revenue return for her clients.

Cath is also certified in digital marketing and Google analytics